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"From the Front Lines of the Culture War"

Charles LiMandri
March 22, 2011  
March 28, 2011  
April 4, 2011 Guest Dr Jennifer Roback Morse, Ruth Institute
April 18, 2011 Chuck interviews Brian Brown, President of the "National Organization for Marriage" and the crucial battle to defend traditional marriage and what you can do to help protect this cornerstone institution of our society. Tune in to become informed and fortified to defend your faith.

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse


April 11, 2011

 "Our Next Generation of Leaders"

April 25, 2011

Is the African American community pro-life? If not, why not? If so, why don’t we hear about it?  And what can Catholics do to help? Join Dr J. as she interviews pro-life hero Rev Walter Hoye, Founder and President  of Issues4Life.


"ACTS: All Catholic Teens" with Margie Rapp
March 21, 2011 "HOPE" with guest Pasquale Talarico
March 27, 2011 "FRIENDSHIP"
April 3, 2011 "THE KINGDOM OF GOD"  with guest Jackie Francois
April 12 2011 "FAITH"  with guest Pat Villa

 April 19, 2011

 "FORGIVENESS" with guest  Tricia Tembreull
April 26, 2011 Guest James Curran, Youth Minister, Mission Basilica, San Juan Capistrano, and Margie discuss "The Kingdom": How do we make Gods Kingdom known here on earth? What is our mission? What is our purpose in life?

"Setting Things Right" - Sharing a Catholic Message of Life and Dignity -
Kent Peters, Linda Arreola and Deacon Jim Walsh

March 24, 2011  
March 31, 2011  Michaelene Fredenburg, Executive Director of Life Perspectives, talks about the "Abortion Changes You" outreach and the local effort to promote that outreach entitled, "Healing the Culture, San Diego." From Michaelene's personal story arises a "place of beginning healing" for anyone, male or female, young or old, who has been touched by an abortion experience. Learn how parishes stepped forward to help offer this resource to the larger public in San Diego and Imperial Counties. Learn how easy it is to enter that place of beginning healing. At the conclusion of the program, you'll have a resource to offer anyone struggling after an abortion experience.
April 6,  2011 "End-of-Life Decision Making" from a Catholic perspective. These days, given medicine's ability to extend and/or prolong life, nearly every family will experience the often traumatic "moment of decision" as a loved one nears death. Your hosts will consider past cases involving medical decision making and take calls from listeners involving their current or past decisions. Deacon Jim will also take some time to share another facet of his work in Restorative Justice - the support of crime victims
April 13, 2011 Prison Ministry, Catholic Advocacy Day, and interview with "40 Days for Life"  Creator Shawn Carney

 April 20, 2011

 Guest Dawn Stary Sweeney, President of Fair Trade San Diego - Fair Trade and why so many faith communities are embracing this way of  "doing business"  with a conscience.
April 27, 2011 Our hosts share close and personal stories of how God moved in each of their lives to bring them where they are today. Learn of their past lives and how their often wayward journey paved the path for them to give their all in order to fully serve Christ today. Inspirational and entertaining.

“Life is Worth Loving”  with Hugh Largey

March 24, 2011 Guest  Dot Harms - COLFS
March 31, 2011 Guests Roger Lopez/ Luis Mendoza - Helpers of Gods Precious Infants - Hear amazing stories "from the trenches" in front of abortion facilities, as abortive women (AND men) change their mind after intercession by sidewalk counselors and prayer warriors, and choose life for their unborn baby.
April 7, 2011 Guest - Julie Niven, Executive Director of CAPS (College Area Pregnancy Services) & Liz Dubenetsky, Executive Director of Life Choices of Poway.
April 14, 2011 The compelling story of St Gianna - Wife, Mother, Physician - who gave her life for her baby daughter. Hugh interviews Thomas McKenna, President of the St Gianna Physicians Guild, who will be touring the United States this Summer with Gianna Molla (daughter of St Gianna, who the Saint gave her life for).

 April 21, 2011

 Roger Lopez with Helpers of God's Precious Infants San Diego provides an update on the miracles, change of hearts, and lives saved during the 40 Days for Life campaign. Plus Chris Morales of the Goretti Group talks about the importance of chastity in todays 'hook-up' culture.
April 28, 2011 Featuring Special Guest Bill May, Chairman of Catholics for the Common 
Joining Bill May will be San Diego County Co-Chairs for Catholics for the Common Good: Marti Martin and Michael Brault.
  • How is the real meaning of marriage becoming obscured by persistent efforts to redefine it? 
  • And how has this become a crisis that is literally touching every family? 
  • Why is it imperative to organize and rebuild a marriage culture?
Dick Lyles and "Your Faith at Work"
March 25, 2011  
April 1, 2011 Guest Margot Kyd, former Top Executive with SDG&E talks about her faith and her career ... how her faith impacted her career in the Executive Suite.
April 8 2011 Your Faith at Work - Open Forum
April 22, 2011 Dick interviews Adam Sullivan owner of Sizzler Steak Restaurant who will talk about his entrepreneurial career and his faith journey. If you have a dream to own a restaurant, or own your own business, Mr Sullivan will provide tried and true insights into how his Catholic faith sustained him to become a successful business owner.