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Thank you for your "Yes, Lord". We are so blessed to belong to the Catholic Church where the Truth is found. Thank you for your program."
In Jesus' love,
Deacon Ken & Marie Finn

Joe wrote: "I thank God for Dr J and for Catholic Radio!! When Catholics get educated good things happen!"   (Facebook comment)

"Thanks for the great interview with Dr. Theresa Stigen! She is a gift to the Church of San Diego and the world. We are so blessed to have her in our diocese. A woman of faith that has a message of life for women of today searching for an alternative to the culture of death!! Blessings" - Jan and Don Keith

"Father Joe Carroll was an inspiration on the show last night (see mp3 archives "Life is Worth Loving", May 5, 2011) . Thank you Father for all of the work you are doing to empower our homeless neighbors. "what you have done to the least of my brethren, you have done unto Me" Matthew 25. We love you Father Joe."  Julie Scott

"I'm happy the time has finally come to have local Catholic radio here in San Diego; it will be inspiring to listen to the teachings of the Church as presented through current events." Lisa James

  "As an avid talk radio fan, I am thrilled that Catholic Radio will be available in San Diego. In addition to educating and inspiring the Catholic faithful, it will be an opportunity for the truth about Catholicism to inform the misinformed. I am especially excited about the prospects of having this wonderful means to educate others on the sanctity of human life." Patricia F. Hansen, Director, Mariam Mother of Life Pro-Life Center

 "What a great gift for all in San Diego to have the Truth of our Catholic faith "in the air"! I have been inspired to search deeper in my heart  and grow in the love of God by listening to catholic programming on line. Now, it will be even easier to access the wealth of wisdom and knowledge that comes from radio programs in line with the teaching of the Catholic Church. I can't wait for the many conversions and vocations that will result from having a local Catholic station." Elena Di Ventra

"Your shows have moved me to come back to Church. Thank you." John

I listen every evening on my commute home to San Diego from Escondido or Oceanside- great stress reliever-love the discussions on living Catholic values in the work place--  Cindy Shelton, MSW

"Thank you! You are a most welcome addition to Catholic Radio...great to have San Diego represented, I live here, but listen to EWTN and Ave Maria Radio online all I'll tune in locally!"    Tamara (Facebook comment)

"I was taking birth control pills, but after listening to your show last night, and learning of the direct correlation of birth control pills and cancer, i will now try Natural Family Planning. God bless Catholic Radio".

"Finally a Catholic radio station in San Diego.  As a stuggling truck driver I used to be able to afford EWTN On SIrrus radio, then listening to 1210 am radio.  Now getting the Fullness of the truth!!  God Bless you all. I will support you."  Fabio Baldan

"Listened to your Wednesday 4/20 radio show about Fair Trade. I never knew what Fair Trade was, now I do. So, I'll look for Fair Trade products and purchase them when available. Thank you for this important programming. Keep up the great work!"  Tom

"We listened to your show about chastity and natural family planning. We've been married two years and are not ready to have children. But we've decided to give NFP a try - and give up our contraception. Important info" - thanks!

"A city on a hill cannot be hidden" Mt 5:14
We must be that beacon of absolute truth Christ calls us to be.  God bless this ministry and all who are involved.
Jaime Cortes

"Thank you for your inspirational programming. I was listening in my car the other evening, and am learning a lot about my Catholic faith. Thanks again for providing these radio shows." Linda  

 "Listened in from Maryland…great show. Looking forward to more." Lisa

"Many blessings on this new ministry in the San Diego area.  May the Lord's guidance change the lives of many through your good work." Ed

"Having Catholic Radio available in San Diego brings a better understanding of our faith, and our moral obligations to protect the unborn, to a wide audience. The opportunity for local programming will tremendously inspire and expand the size of our active pro-life community" Roger Lopez, Helpers of God's Precious Infants San Diego

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